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These pages are concerned with RoboCup Junior (RCJ) activities in Norway. RCJ is a small contest in Norway, we have organized it four times, in the years 2002, 2003, 2006, and 2007. We hope to participate in the year 2008 as well. In all four years, the participants in the international competition came from the same school - Katedralskolen in Trondheim. In 2003, we had participants also from KVT high school. The activities were sponsored by RoboCup Federation, Department of Computer and Information Science of NTNU, NIF (currently Tekna), and Katedralskolen in Trondheim.


The following people were involved in the past:

  • Team 2002:
    • Jon Marius Venstad
    • Tobias Brandvik
  • Team 2003:
    • Vidar Tran
    • Ola Hoven
  • Team 2006:
    • Joakim Brovold
    • Amund Hov
    • Frederik Leira
    • Vegard Steen
  • Team 2007:
  • Honorary mention:
  • Organizers, team leaders, support staff, teachers:
    • Kristian Eide, team leader 2002
    • Åsmund Eldhuset, support
    • Geir Engdahl, team leader 2003
    • Jean Paul Franky Friquin, technical staff
    • Tomas Gunnarsson, team leader 2006
    • Helga Hoel, team leader 2007
    • Pavel Petrovic, coordinator RCJ Norway
    • Eirik Refsdal, support
    • Gustav Henrich Bernhardt, teacher
    • Ola Vikholt, support
    • Thomas Waadeland, organization

(if you are missing here, please contact us!)

For current members, see here.

Our activities are not limited to RoboCup Junior. We have built robots for other contests, such as MiniSumo, and Micromouse, participated at ROBOtic'06 contest, and prepared demonstrations for public. You can see some pictures and videos from our activities (with some Norwegian comments) at the picture pages.

We are working with different platforms: LEGO RCX, NXT, and Atmel AVR ATmega (with Cerebot and Nanocon boards). You can download the programs we designed in our projects here: Cerebot Programs (English).

To contact us, please send an e-mail to:

Most of the information on this server is in Norwegian, enter here... (although some pages are in English).

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