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Robot Base

Plast (cutting board).


3x 9V NXT LEGO Motors.


  • 2x ultrasonic distance sensor SRF08 (maybe 4x?)
  • 2x LEGO light sensor (maybe drop these)
  • 1x FlyEye
  • 1x CMPS03 Magnetic compass sensor


General schematic of robot electronics:


Mainboard layout (with integrated LEGO active sensors module and power regulator):


New version has better connection to HB5 drivers using 6-pin heads, and drops the jumper between runmode and programming mode, since it is hard to manipulate anyway. To view the new version, click here.


Come later

Software - setup program for the above schematic, it allows:

  • sample sonars
  • sample active sensors (including flyeye) - only raw values
  • control all three motors (wheels + dribbler) (speed, direction, on/off)
  • sample I2C compas

Yes, but we finally abandoned Nanocon idea, because the 16kb RAM limitation was too restrictive if we wanted convenient debugging with BlueTooth module. Now we are back with Cerebot, and here is the testing program:

Photos and video

Very first attempts:

Image:rcj_ver_0_a.jpg     Image:rcj_ver_0_b.jpg

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